Byodo-In Temple

go waikiki byode temple

The Byodo-In Temple is a must-go for all those who love history and enjoy photowalking. This temple is a replica of the ancient Japan house of worship with the same name, and it’s located at the back of a mortuary named ‘the Valley of the Temples’. The temple is an incredible experience that transports you to ancient times and makes an incredible walk that can last for hours. Every detail is worth contemplating.

Aside to the architecture and art that is present in the temple, you can also get fascinated with the natural beauties it features. The exuberant landscape is home of wild peacocks and hundreds of koi fish. These beautiful animals are also an important part of Japanese culture and heritage. The grounds also include a large pond, waterfalls and meditation niches.

Visiting the Byodo-In Temple is a relaxing and peaceful experience, ideal for those looking to relax but also enjoy a intense, cultural activity. The temple is a Hawaii State Landmark: when you visit it, you’re getting a genuine experience of what the island is about.

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