Halona Blowhole

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The Halona Blowhole is a natural wonder created thousands of years ago by volcanic eruptions that formed molten lava tubes.These volcanoes have been inactive for a long time, but the remains as a fascinating lookout that transports you to ancient eras! In fact, ‘Halona’ means literally ‘lookout’ in the Hawaiian language, and on clear days you can even see the islands of Moloka‘i and Lāna‘i in the distance.

When you reach the Halona Blowhole scenic overlook, you will be received by a statue of Quan Am Nam Hai, the female goddess Guardian of the Sea. Entering the blowhole you can see its eruptions sending a geyser of water that may reach a 30 feet height! The view is specially spectacular when there are high tides and strong winds. You will hear a humming sound in the rocks just before the eruption!

The Halona “Blowhole” Lookout is a special spot for explorers. You can go over the Halona Cove, a small cove tucked into a lava rock shoreline; or find the reef that is placed in the cove, which is covered with Sinularia Leather Coral.

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