Hanauma Bay Lookout

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Snorkeling enthusiasts around the world chooses Hanauma Bay every year as a favorite spot. This spectacular reef carries over 450 species of tropical fish, most of which can only be found in Hawaii. In 1967, Hanauma Bay was declared a protected marine life conservation area and underwater park. Visitors are required by law not to mistreat or touch marine animals, nor walking on the coral.

Hanauma Bay also has two amazing lookout points: one at the entrance and the other behind the restaurant located at the east. Hanauma Bay was voted Number 1 Beach in the USA in 2016. The bay is a must-go in any Oahu Island itinerary; a premier destination for those who want to get fascinated with its natural beauty and marine fauna. People all ages visit Hanauma Bay every year, whether they are snorkelers of all levels to families looking to have a rest.

The Bay is closed every Tuesday to give both the fish and the bay a one day break from human visitors. It is also closed during the night for snorkeling. It is recommended for you to bring your own towel, swimsuit and reef-safe sunscreen.

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