Honolulu Airport Shuttle

Airport Guide

Shuttle Location

Please look for your airline

Hawaiian Airline

Domestic and insterisland flight pick up outside baggage claim C

International Flight

Pick up across from foreign arrival between lobby 5 and 6

Westjet, Air Canada, Alaska, and American

Pick up across from baggage claim E and F in the center median

Delta and United Airlines

Pick up outside of baggage claim H also called “Tour Group”

Honolulu International Airport (HNL) is growing very fast and is seen as being among the busier airports worldwide. Visitors to Hawaii get to enjoy using a flurry of amenities available including the following:
• ATM machines
• Business Center/ Postal Service
• Barber/Beauty Shop
• Flowers
• Free Hula Shows
• Space Museum
• Currency Exchange

Each passenger travelling through Honolulu International Airport can look forward to receiving the famed Aloha treatment.

The members of staff handling visitor information are available in-between 4:30 a.m. and 11:45 p.m. (Hawaii Time) on daily basis to address questions, concerns or comments from travelers. You will find information desks located at strategic spots throughout the airport. In case they are unstaffed, feel free to call (808) 836-6413 for further assistance.

HNL provides a host of options for dining and shopping, with their hours of operation depending upon flight schedules. There are multiple numbers of concession locations scattered all across the airport. Expect to find cafes, coffee shops as well as full-service restaurants available to suit your taste.

Hawaii Honolulu avails a full array of accessibility services across the entire airport. These include various Overseas, Interisland as well as Commuter parking areas.
Honolulu International Airport has customized its facilities to cater for passengers with special needs in natural fashion. For the best attention possible, it is still advisable to undertake prior planning in such situations. Equally, Go Waikiki shuttle is equipped well to provide shuttle transportation and private car service that meets the expectations of passengers with disabilities.

Public parking is available at HNL within several parking lots and garages. There are several ways to gain access into and out of Honolulu International Airport. HNL is situated just 6 miles from downtown Honolulu and 10 miles from Waikiki. You can access it easily using any of our vehicles, whether private ones or the shuttles of varying capacity. Both the Westbound and Eastbound exits found on H-1 Interstate Freeway, channel traffic directly into the airport.

Visitors flying into Honolulu International Airport may use the phone numbers below as convenient:
For Visitors: (808) 836-6413 Visitor Information Program Office (808) 836-6417
Administrator (808) 838-8600
Staff Services Office (808)838-8657
Airports Operations Office (808) 838-8607
Engineering Branch (808) 838-8835
Information Technology Office (808) 838-8678
Island of Hawaii District Manager (808) 327-9520 Assistant District Manager (808) 934-5800
Islands of Maui, Molokai & Lanai
District Manager (808) 872-3808 Island of Maui District Manager (808) 246-1400
Island of Oahu District Manager (808)836-6533
Honolulu International Airport (808) 836-6413
Hilo International Airport (808) 934-5838 Kona International Airport at Keahole (808) 329-3423
Kahului Airport (808) 872-3893 Molokai Airport (808) 567-6361
Lihue Airport (808) 246-1448
TTY (808) 836-6601