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Discover the Hawaiian Temple in Laie

Discover the Hawaiian Temple in Laie

Hawaii has many places that you will want to visit when you travel there. While most people may immediately think about just spending time at the beaches and resorts or heading to historical places such as Pearl Harbor or just spending time shopping and exploring Honolulu or Oahu, you may want to have the opportunity to see something unique and beautiful during your trip that really stands out. If you are looking for something different just like this there is the perfect opportunity for you. You can discover the Hawaiian temple in Laie and see one of the true spiritual wonders.

About the Temple

The temple in Laie is a temple that was built by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It can be found on the northeast shore of Oahu and is just a short distance from the Pacific Ocean so you can have amazing views from the hill where the temple is. The Visitor’s Center and temple are a big attraction in the area, with over 100,000 people coming to the temple each year to see it and the grounds. This was the first temple of its kind built by the Church that is outside of the continental United States and one of the oldest in operation. While only Mormons are allowed inside the temple to take part in sacred rituals, the grounds and Visitor’s Center are both open to the public so that you can walk around, see all it has to offer and learn the history of the area.

Finding the Best Way to Get There

You do have options available to get to the Hawaiian temple in Laie. If you have rented a car you can certainly drive there yourself, but the temple does lie outside of Honolulu and it can be a long trip for you. Taxi service is also available but it can be very expensive to get there, depending on where you are coming from. You may want to consider hiring a shuttle service or tour service that will take you there so that you can save some money and have a reliable way to get back and forth.

Discover the Hawaiian Temple in Laie

The Hawaiian temple in Laie can be one of the real highlights of your trip to Hawaii. If you want to learn more about tours of the area and how to get there, contact Go Waikiki Shuttle at 808-797-7950 or go to their website at to learn more about tour packages available.

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