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Go Waikiki Shuttle Is the Best Transportation in Hawaii!

Hawaii is one of the most famous and popular tourist destinations in the world. When you visit Hawaii, we highly recommend you to make a reservation for Go Waikiki shuttle. We offer exceptional shuttle bus services, compared to other transportation options like a taxi, public transportation and other shuttle buses. Go Waikiki shuttle is cheaper, faster and more secure than other options and we strongly believe everyone should have a good time in Hawaii, starting with stress free Honolulu airport shuttle services.

Go Waikiki Shuttle Is Cheaper Than Taxi Transportation

Taxi and cub are more expensive than Go Waikiki shuttle. According to Hawaiian Activity com, Average airport cab fares from HNL to Waikiki is about $40. This proves that transportations are expensive in Hawaii.  However, Go Waikiki Shuttle is $16 for one passenger. Also, that is round trip. Therefore, most people prefer getting on the shuttle bus as a means of transportation. Let’s save your money and get good food in Hawaii!

Go Waikiki Shuttle Is Faster Than Public Transportation

Are you thinking of getting on a public bus in Hawaii? Sometimes you have to wait for buses more than 30 minutes. Also, you may need change to another bus and walk from a bus station to your hotel with your heavy and large baggage. Your vacation time is limited and Go Waikiki shuttle gets you to your hotel fast. When you get on our shuttle bus, you can get to your hotel early and explore Hawaii. Time is money!

Go Waikiki Shuttle Is More Secure Than Other Transportations!

We provide you with professional shuttle bus services.   Also, We have sophisticated driving skills and love to communicate with customers. You just get on our shuttle bus!

Go Waikiki Shuttle

Now you must understand why we recommend you to take Go Waikiki shuttle. If you make a reservation for Go Waikiki shuttle, you just find our bus station and get in it. You do not need to wait a long time for a bus and bring your heavy stuff. Our service is only $16 per one passenger. It is cheaper than other competitors.  


If you want to know more about us, click on You can find out information that you are looking for. Also, you can give us a call directly at 808-797-7950 to speak with us, ask questions, and arrange for the vehicle you require for your trip.

We hope to see you in Hawaii.

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