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kauai sea tours in hawaii

Kaua’i Sea Tours in Hawaii

Touring the Napali Coast is a must. You can enjoy seeing both the scenic natural beauty of Hawaii and explore an ancient, traditional village. Transport is a breeze with many shuttle service operators that can take you from your hotel to the point of departure. When you’d like to see a little more of the island and learn about its history then Kauai’s Sea Tours in Hawaii is one to remember. It’s a fun, and scenic adventure aboard the sailing vessel, offering you a great perspective of the island, and marine life. Perhaps you’ll see dolphins and turtles too, and some of the rich bird life.

Book a tour with a company that is permitted to take visitors to a remote, and beautiful ancient parts of the island where you can see places of worship, and where ceremonies were held. The Hawaiian Islands have a rich anthropological history, and there are still signs of life, in this area. You can see the agriculture, religious sites, and homes that remain.

You will explore the beauty of the Napali coastline from a 24-foot inflatable rigid-hulled vessel. You will see the sea caves along the north-western edge (Garden Isle) and dock at Nu’alolo Kai. It’s best to book early as these tours are very popular.

kauai sea tours in hawaii

You will be snorkeling and exploring the beautiful coastline, seeing spectacular waterfalls, and also explore the history and culture of the island. This makes the Sea Tour unique and sets it apart from others.

Nu’alolo Kai was the area where special ceremonies were held every year. The Oahi was held here – a festival where flaming sticks were shot from the high cliffs into the ocean. It was also the ceremonial area for religious events as well as sports activities.

The tour departs from the west side of the island, from Ele’ele, during April to October. This is when sea conditions are the best for exploring the coastline. Departure is early in the morning, to make the most of the day. It is the type of tour that is perfect for those wanting to explore a bit more of the island’s history and culture, combined with its natural beauty.

Bookings can be made online, as well as through the operators. Hawaii shuttle service operators can easily transport you to Ele’ele and collect you again, after your tour. There is so much to do and see, in beautiful Hawaii but this is a real gem of a trip.


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