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Selecting Your Vehicle from Go Hawaii Shuttle Fleet

Guests of Go Hawaii Shuttle enjoy the flexibility of choosing suitable transportation from our fleet of luxury shuttles along with private car service. These boast having interiors which are spacious with the shuttles having very good clearance, waist and shoulder seat belts, zoned air conditioning, CD players and sufficient space for luggage.

The fleet of vehicles which Go Hawaii Shuttle services avails to clients are fitted with global positioning system (GPS) facilities. This enables them to achieve remarkable on-time performance time and again. Utilizing this useful system is a means of assurance that all passengers onboard any of our shuttles or cars is chauffeured safely to the ultimate destination. All vehicles are monitored by staff at our offices throughout the trip by well-trained chauffeurs, conversant with various alternative routes to ensure keeping on schedule.

Go Hawaii Shuttle has installed onboard message centers that transfer reservation information onto the dashboard of our vehicles. It means the drivers need not utilize telephone or two-way radio for communication with the control centre. This keeps them focused better on conveying esteemed passengers in style and comfort to the prescribed destination. We prize the value of your transportation to various spots of interest and can adjust to accommodate your itinerary if the schedule changes on short notice.

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