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Best Honeymoon Spots in Hawaii

Best Honeymoon Spots in Hawaii

Go Waikiki Shuttle offers Honolulu shuttle service that can take you to the best honeymoon spots in Hawaii.

Hawaii is known for its beaches and the Aloha spirit. In this island, romance is everywhere. In this list, let’s look at the best hotels and resorts where you and your new spouse can go during your honeymoon.

Fairmont Orchid

It has extensive grounds and open space to ensure that you will have a great view everywhere you look. If you and your spouse are sports enthusiasts, you can enjoy the 10,000-square foot swimming pool of the place. It has ten tennis courts and two golf courses. The hotel is spread across the 32 acres of beautifully manicured gardens.

What’s more is that it has a lagoon with green sea turtles. When you choose this place, make sure to try its outdoor waterfall massage. You will get your massage in a private hut that overlooks the waterfalls and a koi pond.

Travaasa Hana in Maui

It overlooks the Hana Bay that offers rustic luxury while you are in the middle of the secluded east coast. In here, you will enjoy having a top spa, eating excellent food and other things you can do in this uncrowded property.

Each room is large and sleekly finished. Even though it’s hard to reach this place, once you get there, it is all worth the trip.

Kahala Hotel and Resort

It offers waterfalls and tropical gardens, in addition to its crescent beach. It may seem too far away from the city, but it is only minutes away from the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Honolulu. While staying here, you will get to see bottlenose dolphins in the private lagoon.

The hotel has been a host to several US presidents and other Hollywood celebrities. If you want to take a look at who came and visited the place, you can walk through its photo gallery.

The best place in this hotel is the Kissing Point where you can watch the beautiful sunset in Hawaii.


It is the same island that Bill Gates chose for his honeymoon. Because of its accessibility, it attracts more couples than families.

Best Honeymoon Spots in Hawaii

The Lanai island lets you see spinner dolphins and enjoy riding horses. You may also want to have a long walk with your spouse at the beautiful Polihua Beach, which is frequently deserted. To access it, you need a 4×4 vehicle.

These best honeymoon spots are just a few of the reasons celebrities and international leaders frequently go to Hawaii and spend their time with their loved ones.

To book a ride to go to these places, call us today and we will make it happen (808)-797-7950.

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