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Hawaii Airport Shuttle Service: Etiquette in Sharing a Ride

Hawaii Airport Shuttle Service: Etiquette in Sharing a Ride

Hawaii airport shuttle service of Go Waikiki Shuttle includes sharing a ride. This concept is simple. However, some passengers are not sure what they can expect while they are in the vehicle with other riders.

In a shared ride, you are picked up at the time and place that best fits your schedule. But you will also be riding with others you don’t know.

If you are the first passenger to be picked up, it is ideal that you sit in the back of the vehicle. Doing it this way will allow other passengers to slide right in quickly. You can also avoid moving or getting up to give way to other travellers.

Since you are riding with other people, it is best that you don’t talk on the phone as it can disrupt other passengers. The better option is to communicate through text. It is less distracting and much quieter.

It is also ideal that you don’t make conversation with another passenger who is sitting next to you. It is particularly the case if he/she is not interested in making a conversation with you. Don’t take it personally, though. Some people don’t enjoy chatting with strangers; while others only want their space.

You should also keep all your belongings within your seat limits. Bear in mind that the seats on a shuttle are of standard size. It is like sitting on an airplane. You have to be ready to sit next to a stranger.

Then, avoid taking out your smelly sandwich or whatever food you have in the vehicle. While you are on the shuttle, you are in a confined space where all smells can be transferred.

You must also avoid wearing too much perfume. Instead, wear clean clothes.

Sharing a ride with others is convenient for you and other travelers. It is one of the affordable Hawaii airport shuttle services of Go Waikiki Shuttle. As a co-passenger, you should be kind to your co-riders.

Hawaii Airport Shuttle Service: Etiquette in Sharing a Ride

You should only make small talk whenever necessary. In this way, your other passengers will enjoy their time while waiting to get to their destination.

Our shared-ride service is a great way for you to have a cheaper ride to and from the airport. Call us today to book your trip (808)-797-7950. Our customer service representatives are ready to assist you. You may also make your online booking through our official website.

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