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the Turtle Bay Resort Shuttle

Get to the North Shore with the Turtle Bay Resort Shuttle

Turtle Bay is one of the last areas of the North Shore of Oahu to be undeveloped, and the area is known for its wild beaches, amazing rock formations, and ancestral burial grounds. Tourists love the location as it allows them to come into contact with some of the most amazing creatures in the natural world, including whales, Monk Seals, and green sea turtles. The sights on Turtle Bay make it one of the most sought-after locations for tourists who want to experience the beautiful, undeveloped parts of Hawaii.

the Turtle Bay Resort Shuttle

Going to Turtle Bay

There are limited places for tourists in Turtle Bay, and the Resort is the only major hotel, along with Villas and Condos which can be privately run or self-sufficient. Getting to Turtle Bay can be expensive, since rental car costs there tend to include a charge over $20 a day for parking. This puts many tourists off, and so they are eager to try other ways to get around the Bay. Of these methods, only the Turtle Bay Resort shuttle will help you to travel from the main airport in Honolulu to the hotel on the North Shore. These can help to transport you to the Hotel, and can be the most cost-effective way of coming to the North Shore without paying parking charges.

Arranging the shuttle

There are a few basic principles that you should adhere to when you are ordering a shuttle service. Firstly, you need to consider choosing the right shuttle service for your needs. If you only have one or two family members with you, then a basic shuttle service is probably the best. Book well in advance to make sure that you can get the service you need, and make sure that you book both to and return services for your trip from the hotel to the airport.

Using the shuttle

Turtle Bay Resort Shuttle service is designed to be an easy method of transporting yourself from the airport to the hotel. This is important, because you don’t want to have to wait for a public bus service when you have just come off of the plane. Most tourists find that a few hours of sleep are needed before you recover from the flight. Having arranged a shuttle service before taking the plane means that you don’t have to wait, and can get to your hotel early to book in before the rush of travelers.

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