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traditional hawaiian desserts

Traditional Hawaiian Desserts You Can’t Afford to Miss

It’s time to get your dessert island on. Hawaii has long been known for the famous wonders of the Kalua Pig, the delicious and tender, melt in your mouth, favorite. Then there is Poke, with its salty tang, or the gluey Purple Poi. Traditional Hawaiian desserts are just as amazing.

By now you will have heard all about the wonders of Hawaiian cuisine. You know about the salty, spicy and slightly tangy kick of Poke. You have nommed your way through beautiful melt-in-the-mouth shredded Kalua Pig. And, you have debated over the gooey glue-like texture and (debatably) delicious taste of purple poi. Yep, this is la crème de la crème of Hawaiian food.

But, all this time, you were thinking – what about the freaking desserts? We know you’re trying to keep the sugar rage from fully kicking in. Fear not, we are here to be sweet tooth saviors and to tell you which five Hawaiian desserts are worth turning into a human bowling ball for…

Haupia, Hawaiian desserts

Imagine a dessert that can wobble like jelly or can be a glorious gooey mess that you can scoop from the bowl, while curled up watching a storm pass overhead.

Haupia is a lovely cream custard-like dessert that leaves the custard behind for a sweet fling with coconut. Throw some pineapple in there, and you have a tantalizing tropical concoction that will leave everyone weeping with joy.

Spoon six tablespoons of sugar into a bowl with the same amount of cornstarch, add three quarters a cup of water and whisk together.

Chuck in a can of coconut milk, a splash of vanilla extract and let it simmer on a low chilled-out heat until thick. At this point, you can smash up an overly ripe pineapple (messy fun) and add that to the mix. Pour the whole thing into a square tin and pop it in the fridge overnight or until firm and fabulous.

Cut into squares and go wild. Or, simply serve as part of your luscious luau menu!

traditional hawaiian desserts


OK, you may be wondering how a Portuguese dream became a Polynesian icon, but this is Hawaii, and anything is possible.

Malasadas are technically donuts. Only, donuts without the hole and made richer with lots of fluffy eggs, butter and evaporated milk.  But, they really get good when they’re stuffed full of goodies, like coconut Haupia or sweet custard. After being fried to a gorgeous golden brown, they are then rolled in sugar.

If you aren’t drooling by now, then you must certainly be dead inside.

The magic of Malasadas found their way across the oceans and onto the velvet-draped islands of Hawaii. This was after immigrants from Madeira, and the Azores were invited to come and work on the sugarcane plantations. It’s no wonder, then, that they are adorned with a sugary exterior.

We would tell you how to make them, but it is simpler to just to hit a Hawaiian bakery and concentrate on eating rather than cooking. Our Hawaii Shuttle Service is your best option to travel around the island and visit all these amazing spots. Book your transportation online or call us at (808) 797-7950.


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