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Advantages of Go Waikiki  Shuttle

The Advantages of Go Hawaii Shuttle

Are you excited about going to Honolulu? Did you finish preparing for the trip? If you still have not figured out a transportation between your hotel and Honolulu International Airport(HNL), Go Hawaii Shuttle we can help! Call and make a reservation for Go Hawaii shuttle service, that will provide Honolulu International Airport transfer to your hotel. There are a lot of advantages for you when you book with Go Hawaii Shuttle.


The first advantage is how easy it can be to get to your hotel and HNL. When you arrive at HNL, you have to carry heavy and large suit cases that distract you from getting anywhere quickly. However, if you make the reservation for Go Hawaii shuttle, you do not have worry about carrying your stuff. We will take care of them and put them in the shuttle where they will be safe the whole car ride. The only thing you have to worry about, is what sight seeing you and your family will do first.


The second advantage is that you do not have to wait for transportation longer than an hour. In the airport, there is a bus that goes to downtown Honolulu, Waikiki and Ala Moana, which is probably nearby your hotel. But you should know that the possible wait time for this bus can be more than an hour. Also, you may have transfer to another bus. Public transportation can be stressful and take longer than anticipated. Your time of staying in Honolulu is limited and when  you use our service we can get you to your hotel in no time.


The third advantage is that our service is cheaper than other ways of transportation. Rental cars can be pricey, there are buses and taxis but they can feel like you are waiting forever.  When you book with our shuttle service you only pay $16 per passenger, round trip. The price is better and more affordable than other shuttle buses in HNL.


Now that you have heard all the advantages of booking our shuttle service, what are you waiting for make your reservation today! If you have any questions about us and our hawaii shuttle services, please call us (808) 797-7950 or email Go Hawaii Shuttle is proud to present timely airport shuttle services and transportation to any hotel at any spot all across the island.


Also you can book online right now, check out our website

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